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This Community Energy Initiative New games at casinoheroes has been set up to a help people
move to a lower carbon, lower energy lifestyle.

And of course reducing your energy consumption also reduces your fuel bills
and helps to save the planet from runaway climate change.

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What we do..

SURE is a Wharfedale community group working to advise people about practical ways to make their homes warmer at less cost. The group has collected information about low-cost insulation schemes that can be used in an existing house. This low-tech approach means that everyone can benefit, particularly households facing fuel poverty.

Simple draught-proofing and insulation measures can make a big difference to the warmth of a home and larger insulation projects show a clear reduction in energy bills.

In addition some people in the group are already using solar water heaters to provide most of the hot water for their house, whilst others have added so much insulation that the central heating very rarely needs to be turned on.

SURE runs 'Energy Day' exhibitions, public meetings, talks and films. It is also building up a set of case studies - practical projects carried out by individual households - which help to show people what's possible. See our Case Studies page.

SURE also pioneered a scheme at Otley library to lend home energy monitors in the same way as books, to help householders see where most electricity is used in the home. Leeds City Council has now adopted this loan scheme and is rolling it out right across the city.

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Talks and workshops

Andy Walker is now available for talks to community groups in and around Otley about home energy efficiency and renewable energy systems.
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Fuel Poverty affects
1 in 5 Leeds homes

SURE Energy is a member of Leeds Fuel Poverty Action
Solid Wall Insulation

SURE Energy supports
SURE Solid Wall Insulation CIC
a local Social Enterprise company.
Sustainable living
Healthy lives

SURE mentioned in 2010 Annual Public Report of the Director of Public Health in Leeds.
Find out more ...
SURE Insulation, your local supplier of energy efficiency solutions
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