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Energy Saving and Renewables - Information and Grants

  • The Energy Saving Trust -- Here to help everyone save energy in the home. We are a non-profit organisation that provides free impartial advice tailored to suit you. Our advice can help you save money and fight climate change by reducing carbon dioxide emissions from your home.
  • The Carbon Trust -- Our mission is to accelerate the move to a low carbon economy by working with organisations to reduce carbon emissions and develop commercial low carbon technologies.
  • The Carbon Trust links page -- Lots of links to renewable energy trade associations and related sites.
  • National Energy Action -- is the leading fuel poverty charity campaigning at a national, regional and local level for affordable warmth in the homes of vulnerable people, highlighting the plight of those forced to live in cold damp homes.
  • Low Carbon Buildings Programme -- This programme provides grants for the installation of microgeneration technologies in a range of buildings to include households, community organisations, public, private and the non-profit sectors.
  • National Energy Foundation -- NEF empowers individuals and organisations to take action to reduce their carbon emissions through energy efficiency and use of sustainable energy sources to counter climate change.
  • The Renewable Energy Centre -- claims to provide "a practical and easy-to-understand introduction to renewable technologies". Their site is made up of 11 technology subjects From Home Energy Saving to Combined Heat and Power (CHP). As well as these subjects are comprehensive details of Conferences & Exhibitions, Trade Associations & Journals, Government contacts and Ecological Organisations.
  • Green Book Live -- is a free online database designed to help specifiers and end users identify products and services that can help to reduce their impact on the environment.
  • Department for Business Enterprise & Regulatory Reform -- The Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform (BERR) Renewables website provides information about renewable energy and the different renewable energy technologies, UK Government policy and the Renewables Obligation, UK planning policy and planning processes, and the various financial support programmes including investing in renewables technologies. There is also information and teaching resources on renewable energy sources for schools and an interactive map of UK Renewable Energy projects.
  • The Code for Sustainable Homes -- On the 27 February 2008 the Government confirmed that from 1 May 2008 it would be mandatory for all new homes to have a rating against the Code.
  • The Cabinet Office - Voluntary and community groups and social enterprises leads work across Government to support voluntary and community groups, social enterprises, charities, cooperatives and mutuals.
Practical Ideas and Solutions

  • Centre for Alternative Technology -- We offer solutions to some of the most serious challenges facing our planet and the human race, such as climate change, pollution and the waste of precious resources. We demonstrate practical ways of addressing these problems. Leading by example, we aim to show that living more sustainably is not only easy to attain but can provide a better quality of life.
  • Build It Solar -- Plans, tools and information to do renewable energy and conservation projects. Hundreds of projects -- from changing a light bulb to building a solar home.
    Design information and tools for building renewable energy projects. An Experimental section for backyard inventors.      Nothing For Sale here -- just free ideas, plans, and information.
  • Green Building Forum -- a place to discuss ideas about building green homes.
Trade Associations

  • The Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association, -- ADBA, the trade association for the Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas industries, represents all those involved in the design and build of the biogas infrastructure of Britain.
    Biogas generated from Anaerobic Digestion will provide a significant percentage of Britain's gas, easing the problem of energy security and also reducing the fossil fuel content of the gas and electricity grid.
  • The Energy Retail Association (ERA), -- formed in 2003, represents the major electricity and gas suppliers in the domestic market in Great Britain.
    The Energy Retail Association recognises that fuel poverty is a serious and complicated issue. The industry has committed to spending £700 million over the next three years to help tackle fuel poverty and will continue to work with government and other responsible parties on this issue.
  • The Renewable Energy Association -- The Renewable Energy Association represents renewable energy producers and promotes the use of sustainable energy in the UK.
  • The Micropower Council -- Promoting home-based or small-scale energy generation.
  • Solar Trade Association -- is the focal point for organisations with business interests in the Solar Energy industry.
  • Ground Source Heat Pump Association -- promoting the efficient and sustainable use of ground source heat pumps.
  • Ofgem - Sustainability -- In 2004, the Energy Act added a duty for Ofgem to contribute to sustainable development. Ofgem has an important role to play shaping the future of gas and electricity industries which play a major part in the economic, social and environmental fabric of the UK.
More links

  • Hebden Bridge Alternative Technology Centre --is a not-for-profit organisation established in 1999 on the banks of the Rochdale Canal in Hebden Bridge. As an educational resource centre, we aim to make sustainability achievable and simply irresistible by working from a strong base within our local community to provide inspiration, accessible information and advice to improve the quality of life using sustainable means - economic, environmental and social.

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